ISACA Student Group

What is ISACA?

ISACA is a student structure for Financial Information Systems and Internal Auditing. It is aimed at extending education beyond the classroom by acting as a liaison structure between students, companies and professional bodies.




To be a dynamic academic structure which provides financial information system students with the platform to source relevant information and skills from professional bodies, alumnis and potential companies.


To be an agent between students and corporate world by transferring new and trending information, skills and expertise from the workplace and professional individuals and associated financial information systems professional bodies and to instil professional behavior.



  • To instil integrity, dignity and professionalism of IT audit as the profession and academic course.
  • Encourage members to apply for a student membership with ISACA.
  • To support an environment conducive to academic excellence and professional integrity.
  • To maintain the network between the students, professional bodies, professionals and alumni.
  • To encourage professional and personal development amongst the members.
  • To expose the students to the professional environment of financial information systems.
  • To provide students members with balanced knowledge and understanding of diverse careers, certifications and accreditations facilitated by profession bodies.
  • Address and raise issues pertaining to internal audit and financial information systems courses.




Events Coordinator

Upcoming Events
IASA/ISACA Closing Seminar – 19th October 2018