Staff Services

Staff Services

Networking and Internet

IT Services provides Staff with Internet access via wide connection in offices and Wi-Fi at hotspots.VUT uses network infrastructure to provide its students and staff with connectivity for various activities such as to access online learning servers and other academic digital materials (Research), for collaboration among staff members for operational purposes, etc.


VUT’s phone system provides a high-quality, reliable, secure, and cost-effective voice communication environment and covers managing the Telephone Management System (TMS), and maintenance and configuration upgrades of: PABX, VoIP, DECT, cell routers, voicemail & auto attendant, programming of digital instruments, hardware maintenance.


It is essential to be protected from spam, phishing attempts and other potential threats while working online. Devices on the VUT network are secured with Anti-virus software, software patches and updates whenever required. Report any potential cyber security threats to VUT IT Services department via email or telephonically.

Working Remotely:

Our department assists with connectivity to allow you to work from any location at any given time via Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SCCM, in enhance staff’s work-life, well-being, and productivity.


VUT enables you to access internal network resources remotely via a virtual private network.

Microsoft 365:

VUT in collaboration with Microsoft gives its students and staff access to Microsoft office 365 packages. All you need is your VUT students/staff email address and the email password.


Microsoft Outlook emails accounts are intended for active VUT employees to be used for communication purposes with other VUT stakeholders.


ITS is an ERP that brings together most of the University’s administrative resources into one system. The user interface for each person is tailored to them depending upon the roles they have in the University.  The administrative systems under the ITS umbrella include iEnabler and Integrator.

 Desktop Support:

Desktop support technicians are usually the first level of support for all desktop computer related incidents. The duties range from remote desktop assistance, physically visiting clients’ sites, providing support over the telephone, to troubleshooting computers related issues.

Adobe Sign:

On request, IT Services grants Staff access to the Adobe Sign service.

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device.

Jasper Reporting System:

Is an open source Java reporting tool that can write to a variety of targets, such as: screen, a printer, into PDFHTMLMicrosoft ExcelRTFODTcomma-separated values (CSV) or XML files.


This is an application that VUT is using for communicating with Students and Staff.

In order for staff to have an access they have to fill a form that have to be signed by their line managers.


Selection and Admission system is a system that is used for admission on new applications online. Users can work from anywhere. The users have the ability to select their best candidates on the system, and approve accordingly. The users can view statistics like how many applications you received for that year, how many are rejected, how many are approved and how many are registered. You can also see stats per qualification on how many applications you have, what is the required number of students and how many are registered, approved and rejected per qualification. To have access to this system, you need to fill in a form and your dean also need to sign the form to confirm that you can have access.

Please be reminded of the Self Service System for password resetting that will both increase the efficiency and improve security of the process.

Self- Service Password:

Online IT Service that allows users the ability to reset their password in case it is forgotten, expired or locked after several unsuccessful login attempts by themselves.

Register security questions:

Register your security questions in order to be able to reset own password in the future. Click register your security questions

Password Reset

To reset your password in case you have forgotten it or your account is locked. Click reset password to get a new password.

Update Password

Use to update to preferred password or if you’re password has expired. Click here to Update Password.


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