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IMPORTANT: Note that if it is your First time Logging in AND you have not yet UPDATED the Default Password, please update your password FIRST before accessing any Service, click here to Update your Password.

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Student services overview

How to update password- New students

Student Labs:

  • P block first and second floor labs are used for ICT/E-Skills classes.
  • Third floor (P301) is an assessment lab and used for Engineering classes on Fridays and is controlled by bookings using Calendar.
  • Third floor (P303) is an open lab for students.
  • Gym Hall lab is an open lab for students.
  • T Block computer labs are used for ICT software studies classes (i.e. programming, Cisco, etc.) Only available for classes and assessment. Bookings through Lab Owners-ICT.
  • M Block lab is used as a research Hub. Owned by Food and Clothing Dept.
  • PS building (TV1, TV2, SSL and DL) are used for online assessment and staff trainings (Owned by CAD).

NB: Only the P-Block third floor is maintained by the IT Services department. The first and second floors of P Block as well as T Block labs belong to the Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences where IT Services only manages the IT infrastructure in these venues.


Help Desk Contact Details:

  • Email:
  • NB: 24hr turnaround time for emails.
  • Office Line: 016 950 9111
  • Operating Hours: 07:45am – 4:30pm Weekdays
  • Closed Weekends
  • Closed on Holidays