E – Journal

Electronic journals also known as e-journals contain full text articles that can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office or from anywhere else in the world. Some electronic journals are online only while others are online versions of the printed journals. To access full text electronic journals you will be prompted for your Student/Personnel number as well as a password.

EBSCO A to Z is a powerful locator tool that helps researchers to discover all of the electronic resources offered at the library. Through EBSCO A-Z you have access to 11 891 e-titles across databases. It lists the library resources and holdings information from all major databases vendors and publishers through a single menu at the top of the discovery page. The technology behind EBSCO A-Z leverages the power of the EDS Knowledge Base to help users to quickly and easily discover e-journals and browse publications that are available directly through the library.

How EBSCO A – Z helps researchers (EBSCO A-Z)