Making a difference comes from the heart

Making a difference comes from the heart

Happy Learners and teachers from the Kgomoco Primary School

Londiwe Dube

On Monday, 20 May, the Vaal University of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering visited Kgomoco Primary School in Sharpeville where the staff members donated 20 pairs of school shoes and socks to needy learners.

The Deputy Principal Mr Phatsoane said: “I am very overwhelmed by the support my learners get from the local community members, this really shows that people still have the spirit of Ubuntu within themselves, such opportunities are rare to find.”

The HOD, Professor Peter Osifo further added that the learners should always remember that you need to start somewhere to end up at the top. Mr Gadinkosi Dube, a lecturer from the Department, said that giving out to the vulnerable should not be something that has to be seen as a show-off but it should always come from the heart. In closing, Mr Edward Modiba encouraged the learners that they should always abide by their teachers and parents’ rules, and always make God the centre of all the things they wish to become in the near future. He further added that they should not forget where they come from, and should also help others when they are grown-ups; as it is always said that a hand that gives is more blessed than the one that receives.

All Staff members from the Chemical Engineering Department gave of their own money to make a difference to the vulnerable.

“Our hope is that from the little that we have done, the students from Kgomoco Primary look beyond our meagre gift and see the heart from which it was given”

The staff were also helped by other academics whose hearts resonated with the intent of the project. They made particular mention of Ms Nkele Baloyi from the Metallurgical Engineering Department and some of the students within the Chemical Engineering Department.

The Department was also joined by a representative from the office of Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ms Hilda Ncube. “We are very glad to be joined by the office of the Dean”, the HOD applauded, “It shows that the heart of the VUT community truly is with our surrounding community”.

On the day, the above mentioned staff were also joined by the chairperson of the Social and Outreach Committee within the Department Ms Letsabisa Lerotholi, Ms Salvation Muthubi, Ms Kwena Pete and Dr John Tshilenge; who were all integral in making the project a success.

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