Meet the newly elected President of the VUT Convocation, Sangweni whose vision is to help transform VUT into an institution of choice

By: Qhawekazi Memani – 27 October 2023

Recently, Makhosonke Mandlenkosi Sangweni, a self-proclaimed dedicated advocate for the upliftment of the poor, was recently elected President of the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Convocation.

With a background rooted in the challenges faced by the majority of South Africa’s population, Sangweni’s journey from a small village in KwaZulu Natal to his current position at Emfuleni Local Municipality is a testament to his unwavering commitment to social justice.
Sangweni’s motivation to serve the impoverished stems from his upbringing in Mondlo, Vryheid, KwaZulu Natal and Standerton in Mpumalanga. This dedication was further evidenced during his tenure as the VUT SRC President, where he advocated for the rights and welfare of students. Now, as Convocation President, he envisions a broader platform to extend this commitment to VUT’s graduates and the broader community.

Drawing from his experiences, Sangweni aims to forge relationships with industries on a national, continental, and global scale. This visionary approach seeks to create a bridge between graduates and potential employers, thus catalysing opportunities for those who have passed through the halls of VUT.

Sangweni’s tenure as Convocation President is marked by a clear focus on enhancing the institution’s image. He believes that fostering positive perceptions, the University will become an attractive prospect for investors and industries. This, he says, in turn sets the stage for producing graduates that are not only well-trained but also readily employable.

Sangweni emphasizes the seamless integration of Convocation and Alumni, recognizing that their collective strength lies in unity. This integration ensures a coordinated effort in driving programs and allocating resources towards a common goal – the advancement of VUT.
Sangweni’s vision extends beyond graduation, seeking to cultivate a sense of belonging among alumni. “By representing their voices and driving positive programs, alumni will serve as ambassadors, contributing to a better society and furthering the university’s reputation,” he said. Sangweni’s journey is guided by a passion for addressing critical issues within the institution. “I am determined to enhance employability, strengthen the university’s appeal to investors, and cultivate sustainable relationships with industries of all forms.”

The success of Sangweni’s tenure will be measured by the culmination of his efforts in the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM). It is his aspiration that the groundwork laid during his term will establish a positive and enduring legacy – one that would bring credibility to both the Convocation structure and VUT in its entirety.

Through unity and purposeful action, the Convocation President is set to lead VUT towards a future of excellence and societal impact.