Overall Best Student is the epitome of academic excellence

Overall Best Student is the epitome of academic excellence

A proud moment: Vusiziziwe Zwane achieved Cum Laude on his Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education, the VC’s Award and the Coucil’s award for Overall Best Student.

Azande Ralephenya

Having a full-time career and studying towards a post-graduate diploma is no easy feat. What’s harder to achieve is a Cum Laude. However, not this gentleman, who in every sense, is the epitome of academic excellence.

Vusizizwe Zwane, Sports Officer from the Sports and Recreation Department at VUT, received his post-graduate Diploma in Higher Education on 5 April at the Faculty of Human Sciences graduation ceremony. Not only did he graduate with Cum Laude, he received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award and with an average of 88%, the Council’s Award for Overall Best Student in 2016 notably, one of the highest achievements a graduate can receive.

A well poised, calm and friendly young man greets me as I approach him for a quick interview in his moment of glory. I asked him how he feels about receiving the Vice-Chancellor’s Award and the Overall Best Student for 2016, he expressed how excited he was and didn’t expect to receive both of the awards. “I normally don’t like attending these functions but I really enjoyed it today,” he said.

With this achievement, Vusi has inspired his peers and many others who look up to him. Apart from this qualification, he also has a B.A Degree in Sport Communication from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and a Diploma in Sport Science at the Health and Fitness Professionals Association in Cape Town which he received when he lived there for 14 years.

Born and raised in Evaton, he attended local schools, Arcon Park Primary and General Smuts High. He is however quite the globetrotter, Vusi has travelled to countries only many could dream of going to, his travel CV consists of countries such as; UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Morocco, Germany and Turkey. He mentions that he’d like to one day immigrate to Germany because he’s visited the country a few times before and has become well acquainted with the culture. It is also an opportunity for his personal development and to further expand his knowledge.

He has a clear vision and plan for his future, this includes contributing further to the development of VUT, studying and obtaining his Master’s Degree in Sports Science, he also mentions that he wouldn’t mind trying his hand in lecturing too, should the opportunity present itself.

It’s evident in the way he speaks, that he’s a firm believer in living life to its full potential and always putting your best foot forward. Besides being an avid reader, he enjoys anything related to sports, health and fitness, which would explain how at 35 years old, he looks no older than 25!

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