“Peter de Great” hosts motivational tours

“Peter de Great” hosts motivational tours

“Peter de Great” with residence students 

Qhawekazi Memani

Realising that most students, after registering, do not know very much about university life, Peter Rasaha started hosting motivational tours from all the Vaal University of Technology’s residences.

Mr Rasaha is a life coach, motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur who also works at the VUT Students Accommodation and Catering Department as Placement Officer and Supervisor of Amberfield Residence.

“We have students who come from different backgrounds with different characters and beliefs and some of the students think of cancelling courses due to pressure and failing to cope with their new environment. I decided to do motivational talks at students’ accommodation so that they know that someone out there cares about them.

“Many young people are stuck in the same place, unable to do anything about it, and with no one willing to listen to them. Some commit suicide because they have problems and they feel they have no one to talk to. Some don’t perform well in class, not because they’re not smart, but because the problems and challenges they are facing everyday around campus or in their own families are tough. No one is willing to go to them and tell them that every human under the sun goes through challenges and those challenges are not there to destroy you or harm you but to train you so that you can grow and become stronger. Students need support from those who have been through what they’re going through.

“In simple terms, I am doing it because I care about the success of an African child and I don’t want them to give up on life when I am around to show them the light,” he says.

So far, he has done his tours at Greenways, Amberfield Village, Goodyear Hub, Park Village, Academia, Students Lake, Varsity Lofts, Kutlwanong, Tulbar and Granada, Meloding, Khomanani, the Lapa Lounge and at Main Residence.

After doing his motivational talks, most students approach him and thank him for sharing his story with them. The students say the talks restore hope and help them to realise that they should focus on their academics rather than other things. This is because education matters the most and they should choose friends who will take them towards the right path.

Mr Rasaha hosts his motivational talks and training after working hours and weekends and owns a company called Peter de Great.

If you want to book him to come and speak to your church youth or community or any group of people: Call him on 076065839 or email him at rasahapeter@gmail.com

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