Recognition of student structures 2023

Dear VUT Student,

We are happy to announce that the SRC’s process of granting functional rights to student structures for 2023 is currently underway.

Student structures intending to apply for functional rights may visit the following links

Application for recognition and withdrawal of student structures

Application for functional rights

2023 Associations and organizations registration

Student Representative Council’s Constitution

To complete the application process, applying structures should provide the following information:

  • For Political structure,  a minimum of 150 signatures from registered students
  • For other organizations a minimum of 100 signatures from registered students
  • The applicant should provide a plan of action of the proposed organization
  • The application should include the intended aims and objectives of the organization
  • The application should provide reasons why no other existing recognized student organization  within the University can fulfil its aims and objectives
  • The applicant should submit a copy of its draft Constitution

For any clarity regarding the process you can contact the SRC Legal , Policy and Constitutional Affairs Mr. Tshepang Mabula on or 079 428 5388. Alternatively, students may contact the SRC Administrator, Ms. Simphiwe Ndumo at  016 950 9970.

The closing date for applications is Friday, 17 March 2023 at 16h30.