Safety first! Towards a safer campus

Safety first! Towards a safer campus

Representatives from the Safety and Health department encouraging staff and students to report any safety violations

Louisa Japtha

The devastating tragedy at Driehoek High School earlier this year was indeed an eye-opener for everyone around the country. After this incident, government, management, lecturers, students, parents and the larger community, had only one question on their minds: “How safe are our schools?” At the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), safety lecturers know that it is part of their responsibility to keep MAVUTI safe.

However, creating a safer campus does not happen overnight. It takes dedication, hard work and support of all students and staff to build a culture that embraces safety practices in the workplace. With this in mind, these lecturers created an awareness campaign to promote safety on campus. The campaign, which was kick-started in front of the Goldfields Library on 5 April, alerts students and staff to keep their wellbeing and that of others, a top priority.

Staff and students are encouraged to report safety violations, which vary from broken door locks, windows and toilet pots to faulty wiring and tripping hazards to the Health and Safety Representative. Alternatively, they can put their concerns in writing and place it in the suggestion boxes that are available at the Legal Department.

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