Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Building TT6-3

Mr Phokoane Mapheto – Sport officer:

Office: TT6-8

Tel: 016 950 7645


Mr Stanley Shabalala – Sport officer:

Office: TT6 – 6

Tel:  016 950 9307



VUT Sport is the brand name of the VUT Sport & Recreation Department. The services we offer are:

  1. to recruit student-athletes
  2. facilitate their affiliation with our sports clubs which they need to pay a yearly fee in order to be recognised as athletes by sports governing bodies that govern South African university sport, namely University Sport South Africa (USSA) and Varsity Sports Company
  3. offer sports merit bursaries to students who qualify. This is based on their high school academic records and sports achievements
  4. train PR and Sport Management student interns so that they develop the skills and experience needed in their respective fields
  5. seek our sponsorships for our sports teams
  6. we also do internal and external marketing of our sports teams


VUT Sport offers 16 sporting codes which are in turn managed by 3 Sport Officers. Each Sport Officer administrates/oversees 5 or 6 sport codes; which involves not limited to the following:

  1. Athletes are affiliated to the sports governing bodies;
  2. That lecturers are informed when students will be taking part in sports activities during class hours
  3. They also make sure that there’s transport available to transport the teams and individuals to the venues where games take place
  4. They ensure that there are always paramedics during home games.
  5. They also travel overseas with athletes that are selected to represent South Africa during international competitions.
  6. Coordinate and offer support to the sporting codes appointed as per sport officer.
  7. Communicate with local, provincial and national federations and international as well
  8. Appointing of sports coaching staff [coaches, managers], set up of sport club committees, managing coaches and their sporting codes with a follow-up on the respective sporting codes results. Allocation of sports merit bursary as per bursary guidelines
  9. Logistics of tournaments and leagues [accommodation, transport, tournament fees and all other related functions.
  • Submit monthly and quarterly reports
  • Each Sports Officer may have other roles and duties future past the above mentioned, as each sport code activities, league and tournament structures and activities may vary. Others have roles at ground levels at Clubs internally, in the local league, provincial, national and federation structures of the various sports codes they work with.

E.g: Umpire, Umpire manager, coach, hold various portfolios at USSA, national federations  [chairperson, secretary etc].

Sport codes                                         



Rugby                                                  Cricket

Aerobics                                                Chess


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