The harder the conditions, the harder you work

The harder the conditions, the harder you work

Ejike Christian Nonyelum doesn’t allow his physical challenges to be a barrier for his success

Thabiso Sechele

Ejike Christian Nonyelum, an Engineering student in Computer Systems from Nigeria, proved that hard work pays and no conundrum should put one down. He was the first on the list of those who graduated at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology’s graduation ceremony held on Thursday, 06 April 2017.

Christian, unlike many abled students, is an amputee. However, he does not let the fact that he is different, bring him down. Apart from being motivated to do more because of his physical challenges, he says being a foreigner is also quite a big challenge for him. This has built his character and will-power, he said the harder the situations, the harder he has had to work to prove to himself and to others that nothing is impossible. “If things come easy, one never gets the opportunity to work hard and be a stronger person,” he said.

The VUT community knows Christian as a very active student, through his involvement in Enactus – an organisation that support students with work placement and entrepreneurship training.

When asked on how he balanced both his studies and active participation in Enactus, he places emphasis on time management, which is what he values most. He encourages current students to do their work as early as they can and balance their affairs as there are many obstacles that may come one’s way, if you’re a student. “Management of personal issues and other issues will ensure that they do not clash with your academic work. Also remember the harder you work, the easier things become but the easier you work, the harder the work will be for you.” Christian shared these words of wisdom.

He is thankful to his lecturers who contributed to his success. He said Enactus also played a huge role with their continued support throughout his varsity life.

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