By: Nontobeko Moimane – 08 September 2023

Professor Maggi Linington, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning, and Quality Promotion (TLQ) at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), recently spearheaded a transformative two-day workshop dedicated to shaping the roadmap for VUT 2033+ implementation. This undertaking reflects the University’s commitment to realising its strategic vision.

During this workshop, Prof Linington emphasised the importance of engaging faculty and directorates in the implementation plan. It is crucial, she explained, for portfolio leadership to align with the strategic objectives and success drivers, working collaboratively to craft a plan that will effectively translate the primary strategy into tangible reality. “The fruitful outcomes of this workshop will have a far-reaching impact, as they will not only inform the plans within faculties, directorates, and departments but will also directly contribute to budget submissions, ensuring that the necessary resources are allocated to support the plan’s execution,” Prof Linington said.

At the core of VUT’s vision and mission is the aspiration to foster “Learning and Innovation for a Digitally Smart and Sustainable Industrial Progress and Socio-Economic Transformation.” This mission seeks to produce techno-entrepreneurial graduates and innovators who will serve as catalysts for a vibrant transformation of society and industry. Professor Maggi’s unwavering belief in this mission is evident when she states, “Strategies are not realised without intention.” She remains committed in her principle that the vision and mission outlined for VUT can be transformed into a vibrant reality, and she is particularly inspired by the untapped potential within the Teaching and Learning (T&L) portfolio and the students who choose VUT as their academic home.

Professor Maggi’s commitment to this vision is further demonstrated by her dedication to crafting a robust T&L portfolio implementation plan. “This plan is a collaborative effort, carefully developed by a dedicated team within the portfolio, with the key goal of ensuring that VUT delivers on the promise stated in the revised strategic plan. Through this effort, VUT is prepared to achieve its mission and contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and socio-economic progress in the digital age”, stated Prof Linington.