Vision, Mission and Values


An African University that leads in quality teaching and learning, informed by research and driven by innovation and technology.



To produce employable and entrepreneurial graduates who can make an impact in society.

The University has identified the following drivers for the achievement of the vision and the mission:

·         adopting cutting-edge technology and teaching methods;

·         creating a scholarly environment conducive for knowledge creation, learning and innovation through basic and applied research that improves teaching and learning, where appropriate, leads to technology transfer; and

·         developing a Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) that meets the needs of South Africa, the African continent and beyond.


Excellence – actions that, in the pursuit of human flourishing, go beyond the normal expectations;

Creativity – Actions that are carried out that enhance human flourishing through innovative practices;

Mutual Respect – Actions that are carried out that enhance a sense of human dignity and worth for all;

Collegiality – Action that establish and build relationships by acknowledging the right and insight of all to contribute to shared and common goals;

Integrity – Actions that allow us to be held accountable for our words and actions;

Tolerance – Actions that show respect and mutual consideration through the acceptance of human diversity within the framework of the vision and mission of the University; and

Diversity – Actions that acknowledge that all can contribute positively in different ways in the pursuit of human flourishing.



VUT’s Strategic Objectives

The VUT Corporate Strategy has the following strategic objectives:

·         provide quality teaching and learning;

·         increase research productivity;

·         improve financial viability;

·         create a performance culture;

·         enhance leadership and governance.

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department