VUT CARES – The Neurobiology of Helping Others

VUT CARES – The Neurobiology of Helping Others

VUT team, sponsor with the children from the Matwala Childrens Hope

The Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Departments of Vaal University of Technology (VUT) hosted an amazing Madiba Day event on 18 July at Matwala Children’s Home in Vanderbijlpark.  Contributions were received from various internal and external stakeholders who answered the call to assist the less fortunate.

Some people feel that their contribution will only be a ‘drop in the ocean’ and will not make a difference and therefore they end up not giving. However, neuroscience has demonstrated that giving is also a powerful pathway for creating more personal joy, and how your brain lights up when you help!

Helping others triggers impacts to our brain in many positive ways. When we help others, our brains release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones have the effect of boosting our mood and counteract the effect of stress hormones.

Helping others can help you live longer, help with chronic pain and lowers blood pressure!

We wish to thank suppliers, departments and individual staff members for their contributions in ensuring a memorable day for the teenagers and toddlers at Matwala Children’s Home. Those who saw the ‘empty cup’ of Matwala Children’s Home, gave unselfishly until it overflowed.

Thank you to those who see the need of others for what it really is… We hope that they too were filled with the personal joy that giving brings.

Departments who participated in other events on Madiba Day are welcome to send their stories to

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