VUT Slams Visitors

VUT Slams Visitors

VUT Rugby team

On 19 May 2018, the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) hosted Benoni Rugby Club’s 1st and 2nd teams at the VUT Isak Steyl Stadium.  Students and parents came out in numbers to show love and support for the game. VUT’s 1st team won 59-19 while the 2nd team walked away with a 35-7 victory.

Assistant stadium manager, John Komako said,” since the beginning of the year, management struggled to get the right way of how to structure the 1st team. A new coach was brought in and his approach proved to be correct in that his philosophy focuses on speed instead of power. Our rugby players are small compared to others and also lack the physical strength they have so in order to counter this, focus on speed had to be implemented.

It was through the hard work and dedication of the players as well as the new coach; the mandate was clear to the players on what to do in the field in order to achieve their goals. Despite all the changes, their minds were clear and goals were set and sacrifices made.

There were challenges for both teams as VUT’s 1st team lost two of its players (jersey number 3 and 15) due to minor injuries. Hopefully they will be joining the team in next game. “The implementation of what the coach wants us to do is perfect for student rugby, it’s about a fast brand of rugby versus strength but using your skills and pace’’.

He also said they are expecting the similar results when they face Benoni for their away game this coming Saturday.

Looking at how things with the team are currently, it is safe to say that the new changes are working on their advantage and they shouldn’t lose the momentum of their new game play.

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