VUT Sport expo 2017

VUT Sport expo 2017

VUT Sports teams showed off their talent

Staff Reporte

The Sports and Recreation Department hosted a rare Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Sport expo event on campus at the Amphitheatre on 25 October. The purpose of that event was to nurture the beginnings of a culture of sport at the institution by introducing our sports people to the audience and having them perform certain skills pertaining to their respective sports; as well as to introduce the committee members to the VUT student community as a means of encouraging them to take part in sport and attend games to support the teams and players.

The event was informal and social. Volunteers were picked from the audience to join the athletes in performing those skills in an attempt to outdo them.

Football, cricket, rugby, softball, volleyball, aerobics, karate, basketball, body-building, hockey, chess, cheerleading, dance and tennis representatives were all present, dressed in their sports kit. The players briefly explained to the audience what the benefits of joining the sports clubs are and how they can join them. The audience’s response throughout the expo indicated the excitement and interest that students have towards our sports.

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