VUT staff one step closer to his aspirations of becoming a Cost and Management Accounting powerhouse

By: Puleng Maphisa – 14 September 2023

In the world of finance and accounting, individuals possessing a profound grasp of Cost Management and Financial Analysis play an indispensable role in an organization’s triumph. One of the people who understands this, is Molefi Mokgasi, a Cashbook Clerk at Vaal University of Technology (VUT)’s Finance Department. Molefi, an aspiring accountant, recognizes the pivotal role this field plays and ardently pursues his academic and professional aspirations to bolster the financial stability and expansion of institutions.

To get a step closer to his aspirations, he graduated for an Advanced Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting at the recently held VUT’s Spring Graduations. Molefi embarked on his journey into the domain of Cost and Management Accounting driven by a deep appreciation for its pivotal role in empowering organizations to make judicious financial decisions. The ability to deconstruct costs, construct effective budgets, and offer invaluable insights for strategic planning resonated deeply with him. This initial fascination ignited a journey he is now wholeheartedly committed to.

Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting at VUT, he diligently strives toward acquiring certification as an Information System Auditor with ISACA – a professional membership organization committed to the advancement of digital trust by empowering IS/IT professionals to grow their skills and knowledge in audit, cybersecurity, emerging tech and more. This additional qualification underscores his unwavering dedication to refining his skills and deepening his knowledge in the field of accounting and financial management.

Looking ahead, Molefi envisions a pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Management Accounting, with a research focus centred on Financial Management in Higher Education in South Africa and Colombia. This steadfast commitment to academic excellence underscores his ambition to make a substantial contribution to the financial stability and expansion of his university and institutions globally.

One of the highlights of Molefi’s educational journey lies in the practical application of theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience has endowed him with a profound understanding of how Cost and Management Accounting directly influences business operations. Molefi attributes a significant portion of his success to the training and guidance imparted by Mr. William Mosai, his Financial Accounting lecturer. Moreover, the teachings on Advanced Financial Accounting techniques have left an indelible mark on his learning odyssey.

Throughout his journey at VUT, he exhibited extraordinary commitment by allocating a substantial portion of his time to academics. In tandem with his friend, Mr Abraham Mathebula they went above and beyond, conducting tutorials and classes for their peers who faced challenges. This act of generosity not only aided their fellow students but also contributed to their group becoming one of the foremost in the Accountancy department.

The academic voyage has not only enriched his knowledge but also fostered personal and professional growth. It has nurtured his self-assurance in analytical capabilities and communication skills. Professionally, Molefi has nurtured a strategic mindset for approaching financial challenges, rendering him a more adept problem-solver. His proficiency in scrutinizing intricate financial data, making informed decisions, possessing computer skills, and effectively communicating financial information are competencies he considers vital in his future plans.

He passionately emphasized, “I encourage current students to actively seek opportunities for practical application of their studies.” He underscores the significance of internships, projects, and networking events in enhancing comprehension and setting individuals apart in the fiercely competitive job market. He further advised students to embrace challenges as learning opportunities and to not hesitate in seeking guidance from professors and seasoned professionals in the field, with a firm belief that continuous learning is the linchpin of success.

Molefi proposes an exploration of further industry collaborations and internships to offer students hands-on experience. He also recommends workshops focusing on emerging trends in Cost and Management Accounting to keep students abreast of the latest industry developments. As he embarks on his professional journey, he is eager to employ the valuable lessons he has learned and contribute to the success of organizations.

In conclusion, Molefi’s unwavering commitment to the realm of Cost and Management Accounting is manifested in his relentless pursuit of academic excellence and professional growth. His aspirations serve as a beacon of inspiration to current students and professionals alike, highlighting the significance of passion, diligence, and perpetual learning in the realm of finance and accounting. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Molefi’s contributions to the financial stability and prosperity of institutions in the not-so-distant future.