By Phetogo Mabuza 13 June 2022

VEC Manager: Ms Faith Mocoancoeng addressing students

Last month (May) the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Welfare Office collaborated with the Victim Empowerment Centre (VEC) and the South African Police Services (SAPS) to host a coaching session for first year students at Academia Student Village.

The purpose of the event was to create awareness regarding services provided by Student Support Services, Judiciary Office, and Protection Services.

Ms Faith Mocoancoeng (VEC Manager) informed students that the Centre offers the following support services:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Psychological problems
  • Suicide attempts
  • Medical enquiries (eg male circumcisions), and
  • Dignity packs for needy students.

Sergeant Ratawu from SAPS explained that the police service is divided into different sub-departments with different tasks, ready to assist and tackle student problems. She warned students about a recent spate of laptop theft by thugs pretending to be prophets around campus. Sergeant Ratawu also offered advice regarding the use of contraceptives, herbalists who allegedly clean rape victims, sexual consent, unhealthy romantic relationships, and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis treatment.

Ms Sarah Tshabalala from the SAPS Indibano Victim Empowerment Project highlighted the issue of students not following up on cases they have opened, especially on protection orders.

Throughout the session, students interacted with delegates on different issues they face as Vanderbijlpark residents.