Courses and Requirements – Applied


Department: Chemistry

Diploma: Analytical Chemistry

3 Year Course

B Tech: Chemistry 1 year full time, 2 year part time

M Tech/MSc: Chemistry 2 year full time, 4 year part time

D Tech/PhD: Chemistry 3 year full time, 5 year part time 

  1. Admission Requirements

Subjects Diploma: Analytical Chemistry
NSC endorsement Eligibility for Diploma
Compulsory subjects Notes


Physical Science










Life Orientation Max 3
Any other 3 subjects 11
Total 26

Note: Scholars who do not qualify for the Diploma Programmes may apply for the pre diploma programmes. Tel: (016) 950-9589. For more details on the pre diploma programmes see VUT website

  1. Curriculum

Diploma: Analytical Chemistry  

First year:

Semester 1 (S1)

  • Chemistry 1 (AACHA1C)
  • Physics 1 (APFSG1A)
  • Mathematics 1 (AMATH1S)
  • Applied Communication skills 1 (Module 1) (HKACX1A)
  • ICT skills 1

Semester 2 (S2)

  • Analytical Chemistry 1 (AAACA1B)
  • Analytical Chemistry: Practical 1 (AAACP1A)
  • Inorganic Chemistry II (AAICA2B)
  • Mathematics II (AMATH2S)
  • Organic Chemistry II (AAOCA2B)

Second year:

Semester 1 (S3)

  • Analytical Chemistry II (AAACA2B)
  • Analytical Chemistry II: Practical II (AAACP2A)
  • Physical Chemistry II (AAFCA3B)
  • Organic Chemistry III (AAOCA3B)
  • Inorganic Chemistry III (AAICA3B)

Semester 2 (S4)

  • Analytical Chemistry III (AAACA3B)
  • Analytical Chemistry II: Practical II (AAACP3B)
  • Physical Chemistry III (AAFCA3B)
  • Chemical Quality Assurance II (AACKV2B)

Third year:

Semester 1 (S5)

  • Chemical Process Industries I (EHCPA2B)
  • Physics II Theory
  • Entrepreneurial Skills 1 (BBENT1A)
  • Applied Communication skills 1 (Module 2) (HKACY1A)
  • Industrial Chemical Analysis II (AAIAC2A) OR
  • Chemical Industry: Practical 1 (AACNP1A)

Semester 2 (S6)

  • Chemical Industry: Practical II (AAPRP2A) OR
  • Chemical Industry: Practical I (AACNP1A)

2.1 B Tech: Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry IV, Inorganic Chemistry IV, Research Project IV, Physical Chemistry IV, Organic Chemistry IV. Admission Requirements: Diploma Analytical Chemistry or equivalent and a 60% average in final year chemistry subjects and mathematics 2/equivalent.

2.2 M Tech/MSc: Chemistry

Research Project by dissertation. Admission Requirements: B Tech Chemistry/BSc. Hons Chemistry or equivalent with an average of 60%.

2.3 D Tech/PhD: Chemistry

Research project by thesis. Admission Requirements: M Tech/MSc (Chemistry) or equivalent.

  1. What are the functions of an Analytical Chemistry Technician?

Analysis of samples by the wet methods or using analytical instruments, writing reports on analysis, developing methods for analysis, writing requisitions for purchasing instrumentation, managing of a laboratory.

  1. Career Opportunities

A career in chemistry offers challenging and exciting opportunities in both the private and public sectors. There is a continuous demand for trained analytical technicians. Position on entry level: Laboratory assistant; Middle level: Laboratory technician; Top level: Laboratory manager. Research opportunities are also available at Universities. Researchers and development scientist opportunities exists in the Science councils and related industries. Opportunities also exist in the academic environment to become lectures/professors.

  1. Enquiries

Enquiries may be addressed to:

Head of Department: Chemistry Tel: (016) 950-9603;
Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Fax: (016) 950-9794 / 086 612 8940
Vaal University of Technology E-mail:;
Private Bag X021 Website:
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