Your dream should not remain a dream

Your dream should not remain a dream

Learners enquiring information on the 3D printing

Selina Rapulane

VUT strives to pave a way to a better future for the youth. It is therefore keen to support any opportunity that avails itself to improve the lives of young minds through education and career guidance.

This year at Sasol Techno X, which is regarded as the largest career guidance exhibition of its kind in South Africa, opportunities were created for the youth to dream, explore and become. There were about 65 exhibitors from all over the country who came to share opportunities with the youth and to inspire them.

For VUT, it was an exhibition not to be missed.

Both the University and the Science and Technology Park attended the exhibition from 31 July to 4 August in Secunda. It was held in partnership with the Mpumalanga Government.

Under the theme: Dream, Explore and Become, learners were encouraged to discover more about a wide variety of disciplines and careers relating to Maths, Science and Technology.

VUT showcased: 3D Printers from the Idea 2 Product Lab; CL organic smokeless coal, the Mama V Project; the process of hydroponic farming by the Enactus students; the cooling tower from Chemical Engineering; and the robot and jigsaw machine from Mechanical Engineering.

Mrs Venessa Bradbury: Senior Administrator, took the International Office to another level when she played games with the learners to test their knowledge of different languages and countries. For each good answer, learners were given VUT branded caps, bags and stationery.

VUT is proud to have exposed the learners to the displayed technologies and show them the endless possibilities when it comes to science and technology.

Learners being showcased of what VUT offers with the latest technology

The learners also got to understand that they can add to the economic growth of South Africa by turning their ideas into products by being entrepreneurs while attending lectures of their chosen courses.

Entrepreneurship programmes are free at VUT SGSTP as it wishes to provide a unique, flexible and innovative solution, along with strategic partners, that will improve employment and make an impact on communities.

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