Analysis of samples by the wet methods or using analytical instrument, writing reports on analysis and implementation of approved methods of analysis.


Please contact the lab managers below for analyses quotations and special research requirements.

Ben Moekwa

016 950 9667

Mike Ngoy

016 950 6763

VUT chemistry has the following equipment:

Thermal Gravimetric analyzer (TGA)

  • Perkin Elmer, STA 6000
  • Nitrogen gas

Fourier Transformed Infra Red (FTIR) with an Attanuated Total Reflectance (ATR) detector

  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum 400 FT-IR/FT-NIR Spectrometer
  • Universal ATR with diamond detector at wavelength from 650 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1

UV-vis spectrometer

  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 UV-Vis,
  • Double beam spectrometer –
  • Collects spectra from 180-1100 nm UV and visible range using a slit of 1.0 and width of 0.1.
  • A lamp made of tungsten and deuterium is used for illumination.

Photochemiluminace spectrometer

Particle size analyzer and point of zero charge (PZC) measurements

HPLC analyser with UV-vis spectrometer as detector

Gas Chromatography with a mass spectrometer deterctor (GC-MS)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonace analyser (NMR) (Dr Mtunzi)

Electro-spinning apparatus for polymer fibres (Prof Moloto)

Chemical bath deposition apparatus for producing thin films (Prof Moloto)

Fixed bed reactor for adsorption studies from liquids (Dr Ofomaja)

Tubular furnace for carbon nanotube synthesis (Prof Dikio)

Powder X-ray diffraction (Metallurgy department)

  • Shimadzu-XRD 700, X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Cu Ka radiation (l = 1.154056 Å).
  • Current 30 mA and voltage of 40 kV

Microwave digestion system Sineo MDS 6G (Engineering department)

  • It is currently used by Chemistry as a solvothermal high pressure reactor to prepare nanoparticles

Main Technical Parameters of MDS-6G Closed Microwave Digestion/Extraction System


220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 8A

Microwave frequency


Installed power


Maximum output power

1000W,  non-pulse continuous automatic variable frequency control

Turntable design

Load 8 MP-100 closed digestion vessels at same time

Pressure measurement and control system

Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy ± 0.01MPa

Temperature measurement and control system

High-precision platinum resistor temperature sensor, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1

Outer vessel material

Explosion-proof outer vessel made of aerospace composite fiber

Inner vessel material

TFM material

Chamber exhaust system

High-power anticorrosion axial fan, exhaust speed: 3.1 m3/min

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