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I have tried to be civil in addressing this matter by appealing to the entire University Community to help keep our Campus clean by not littering but to use the many dust-bins which have been placed at strategic positions throughout the University to assist in dealing with this toxic bad behaviour, to no avail.

The blame is consistently put on our cleaners as if they just come to work and do nothing, whilst drawing salaries at the end of each month; I do however, think that those who blame the cleaners are just not prepared to confront the truth and the truth is that the STAFF and STUDENTS are LARGELY to blame for the FILTHY STATE of our Campus as we FAIL or DELIBERATELY IGNORE the use of DUST-BINS. One student was overheard saying that he will not use the DUST-BIN as he is creating a job for the CLEANERS. This is an UNACCEPTABLE statement in any CIVIL SOCIETY and once again, I am saying it is both UN-AFRICAN and ANTI-UBUNTU. It is regretted that the Campus of our next-door neighbours is SPOTLESSLY CLEAN because both STAFF and STUDENTS take COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY of keeping and maintaining the cleanliness of their Campus.

Given the fact that the humble appeal which I have consistently been making to the VUT Community TO KEEP THE Campus clean, seems to be falling on DEAF EARS, I am now LEFT WITH NO ALTERNATIVE BUT TO GIVE THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIVE:-

1. That whilst the Guards are doing a good job by searching cars at the gates, even though University property continues to disappear, there should be no HEAVY CONCENTRATION of guards at the gates, BUT that they should equally walk around (patrol) the campus and look for ANY PERSON who will be littering and if found, the person will be apprehended and FINED. We cannot continue to treat our campus as a pig-sty.

2. The HOD of Protection Services will have to get our FULL SUPPORT when the guards apprehend those found to have flouted the RULE of "KEEP OUR CAMPUS CLEAN!"

3. Whilst the guards will be doing their rounds, we should equally play our part in keeping the campus clean and also admonish those who would be consistently ignoring the appeal to keep our campus clean!

4. Tables and chairs are leaving an unsightly picture around the Campus and this is not acceptable and the guards will equally have to apprehend the culprits.

A few weeks back, we visited the Nelson Mandela University with some colleagues and they were so impressed with the cleanliness of that campus. If other Universities can do it, what is it that is stopping us from doing the same? Surely what we are doing here, is not done at our own homes!

I hope that with this message the guards will take this challenge very seriously as it does not make sense to have about six to eight guards at the gates and no campus patrols! This is a matter which our HOD of Protection Services will have to raise with the powers that be of Maduna!

Kind regards,
Prof Zide
Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Ref: Prof Zide/Notice to a ll Staff & Students Again Cleanliness on Campuslss

Date : 15 March 2018

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