Fees and Funding

Student Fees Guideline

The costs indicated are estimates and are for guideline purposes only. A student can obtain the actual fees from their statement of accounts upon registration.

Students must take note of the increased fees and International Students note that they will be paying 100% Upfront including Residences

Financial Aid

If you are financially blocked for 2021 registrations and you were funded by NSFAS between 2017 and 2020 academic years inclusive, please send your details (Student number, ID number and latest contact numbers) to FAOQueries@vut.ac.za. Financial Aid team will assess your profile and contact you for feedback.

For Submission of Banking Details, Claims Forms, and other documents for our attention.


For students to send general queries relating to Financial Aid


For Bursary Queries


Private accommodation claim

Banking Details

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department