Faculty of Human Sciences

Prof Lazarus Maleho (Acting)

Amidst an ongoing international campaign for credibility within the Humanities, the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Vaal University of Technology positioned itself as a credible and prosperous academic institution of choice for students and staff who wish to pursue qualifications and careers within the Human Sciences. Sound collaborative relationships with partners from industry, commerce, Professional Bodies and communities across South Africa enrich our academic and research endeavours and enhance the value of our qualifications.

This Faculty is committed to the development, education and empowerment of communities by sharing knowledge, skills and resources within the fields of Visual Arts and Design, Hospitality, Public Relations and Tourism, Education, Legal Sciences and Communication. International support and recognition of research done by the Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods make this Faculty an excellent research and knowledge partner for post-graduate fellows and students alike. I invite you to realise your dream and secure your future by registering as a student in the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Vaal University of Technology.