Vaal University of Technology

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The EMC is equipped with conventional machines, CNC-machines and hand tools to help staff, students and the public to manufacture mostly prototypes of new designs, research projects and more.

We specialise in design, manufacturing, fabrication, CNC machining, conventional machining of general engineering projects, building prototypes and modifications to existing equipment, among others.


Automotive parts

Cad Cam engineering drawings


Laboratory equipment

Machine development

Precision CNC machining

Project support & development

Profile bending & plate cutting

Research prototypes

Welding (CO2, Tig, & MMAW)


Typical Projects


Fire Wagon 90 Deg  drilling machine
Virtual reality Training Bicycle Machining of manifolds for super chargers
Goods hoist Caravan remote control system
Slurry mixing and Blending Machine Machining of cams to restore old cam control machine
Gearbox hardware for gate motors 4 speed gearbox
Burglar proof Coconut mill
Designers Safety gate Easel frame for painting (Artists)
Extraction stack repairs Collapsible golf cart
Mining Bakkie Frame Mobile PC & video trolley
Piggyback Off-road Caravan Miniature pan & box folder
Quad bike Carrier frame Trailer restoration
Sun panel Frames Training Apparatus
Virtual Reality Training Bicycle Vertical Windmill
Automatic Pancake machine Cricket pitch marker
Electric Training Workbenches for Schneider Computer stands & workbench for Library
Double Column Reactor Hydraulic Cylinders
Compressor Exhaust valve modifications Koni Struts & Shock holders
Portable Sun panel Boxes Compressor Cams
Robot High-speed Spindle Mount Bike lock
Toilet roll holder Diffusion Cell
Spray nozzle distributor Sliding drawers for Jeep
Motor engine Pulleys Nozzles for Furnaces