Vaal University of Technology

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Contact Student Counseling and Support

How to find us

P-Block/P021 next to the SRC offices

How to contact us

(016) 950 9244

How to book an appointment

Student Counselling Procedures:

Students must bring their student cards or proof of registration to book an appointment;

A referral letter must accompany a student when a student is referred by a lecturer;

Administrators will ensure that student information is correctly completed on the biographical form;

The student will receive an appointment card to remind him/her of the appointment;

According to the booking system, in a normal situation a student will be booked and seen later in the week;

In case of emergency, a student is seen as soon as possible or the same afternoon;

Administrators liaise with psychologists and psychometrists to provide a complete service to the student;

In case of psychometric testing, a student will come for an hour session with a psychologist, then for a day to write a psychometric test.  With the last appointment, the student will be seen by the psychologist once again for feedback;

To be able to write a psychometric test, prospective students need to pay a fee at administration.