Vaal University of Technology

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About the Department of Logistics



The Department of Logistics aims at providing current education in the dynamic field of logistics and supply chain management. This is achieved through the integration of existing knowledge with new knowledge and affording learners the ability to:

• Think logically

• Gain knowledge of the various areas of logistics and supply chain management, in order to

• Make a positive contribution to the field of business upon completion of studies.

The department offers an assortment of courses that are designed to produce graduates who are proficient in various logistics and supply chain management areas in different sectors of the economy. These areas include transport management, procurement, warehousing, order management, packaging, materials handling and customer services management, among others. Over the years, the department has successfully produced thousands of graduates, many who have made significant contributions to both disciplinary practice and theory. Staff members in the department possess the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate learning in logistics and supply chain management. Staff members are also active in research and publications as well as community engagement, with numerous outputs in the two areas being realised each year. The future of the department looks bright, with prospects of offering new programs that focus on capturing the most recent as well as predicted trends in logistics and supply chain management. Thus, the Department of Logistics remains an important player in logistics and supply chain management teaching, learning and research.


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