Department of Biotechnology

About Us

The Biotechnology Department strives to shape technicians, academics and researchers that will develop and support sustainable and integrated Biotechnology that improves life for all the living world.

A career as a Biotechnologist offers challenging and exciting opportunities including quality control, technology development and research in enterprises such as: water purification plants, food processing factories, dairies, pharmaceutical factories, sewerage plants, etc.  There is a demand for trained Biotechnologists in industrial, research and academic settings.

The Department of Biotechnology offers a Diploma in Biotechnology (NQF 6), followed by articulation into the Advanced Diploma (NQF 7), Postgraduate Diploma (NQF 8), Master of Applied Science in Biotechnology (NQF 9), and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biotechnology (NQF 10).

Diploma: Biotechnology (3 Year course)

Advanced Diploma: Biotechnology (1 Year course)

Postgraduate Diploma: Biotechnology (1 Year course)

Master of Applied Science in Biotechnology (Research – 2 years)

PhD: Biotechnology (Research – 3 years)

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