About IA Student Association

About IA Student Association

Internal Auditing Students Association is designed to support Internal Auditing students advancing the pursue of the Internal Audit Profession, through propagating ideas and delineating information pertaining relevant Internal Audit certifications, Profession bodies membership and Profession Continuance Development.

It motto ‘Forward with Progress through sharing’ was adopted from the motto of The Global Institute of Internal Auditors ‘Progress through Sharing’, which advocates the progress of sharing information amongst Internal Audit Students in all level.

This vibrant Student body is a mother body and umbrella of three Sub-Societies established in accordance to (Clause 12: Sub-Societies) in the constitution of the Association. The expansion, created platform for more than 25 students to participate in the leadership.

  • To instill integrity, dignity and professionalism of internal auditing as the profession.
  • Register all full time Internal Auditing student’s for Institute of Internal Auditing(IIA)SA “student’s membership’
  • To support an environment conductive to academic excellence and professional integrity.
  • To maintain the network between the students, IIA (SA) Members and alumni.
  • To encourage professional and personal development amongst the members.
  • To encourage effectiveness and adherence to the code of ethics for internal auditing.
  • To expose the students to the profession environment of internal auditing
  • To provide students members with balanced knowledge and understanding of diverse careers, certifications and accreditations facilitated by IIA (SA).
  • Has the open membership to all registered internal auditing students.
  • Address and raise issues pertaining internal auditing course.
  • Operate as the non-political, non-sexist, non-racist, but only as the academic structures to raise concerns, breaking new grounds associated with internal auditing as a career, course and profession.
  • Provision of academic support programs to promote academic excellence amongst members