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The Blended learning unit strives to:

  • increase the adoption of E-Learning and contribute to the success and engagement of students.enhance the student experience, skills and satisfaction to increase retention and throughput.
  • enable greater access and flexibility in the delivery of quality teaching and learning in particular blended learning with a focus on professional development of lecturers
  • encourage a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in learning and teaching and in particular blended learning.
  • establish an environment that will encourage uptake and embed E-Learning in core practice.
  • support the institution’s goal to deliver a “student-centred” learning experience through E-learning.
    VUTELA – a blackboard propriety based learning management system (LMS) which is externally hosted to ensure reliability, scalability and sustainability is the institution-wide LMS.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Tisetso Mohloai

Position : Acting Director: E-Learning


Bongani Khoza

Position : VUTELA administrative assistant


Ojong Terence Ayuk

Position : VUTELA Learning management system

First Year Experience

Support for the FYE project to be visibly maintained at senior levels:

Enhancing responsibility at all Faculties and Departmental levels for improving the FYE, with emphasis on student- centred approaches to both teaching and administration;

Collaboration between academic and non-academic units to ensure an integrated approach to enhancing the student experience;

Enhanced collaboration between staff and students to address student needs; and

Sustained initiatives in continuous professional development of staff so that they develop skills of first year teachers and coordinators.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Dr Corneli van der Walt

Position : Manager: First year Experience


Dr Jeremiah Mudzimure

Position : Coordinator: First year Experience


Learning Communities

The Learning Development unit is responsible for enhancing students study and learning practices though establishing Learning Communities, one-to-one and group workshops and subject specific sessions on request from lecturers.

Tutor development provide an additional learning opportunity for students and students should consult with their lecturers regarding the time and venue for tutorials.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Mothusi Samosamo

Position : Learning Development coordinator


Staff Development

The Unit focuses on Enhancing Teaching and Learning for the best possible students’ experience. The main programs are:

Academic staff development programs for both current and newly appointed academics.

The annual conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Dr Masebala Tjabane

Position : Manager: Academic Staff Development


Rodean Booysen

Position : Teaching and learning facilitator: Staff Development



Mbalenhle Dlamini

Position : Teaching and learning facilitator: Staff Development




MSET(Mathematics , Science , Engineering & Technology ) Centre

Provide academic support to students in the main areas of mathematical and physical sciences including mathematics, statistics, mechanics, physics and chemistry. Our tutors are trained in content and pedagogy to facilitate one-on-one consultation, small group session and tutorial classes.

Our Services are :

Providing academic support to students in mathematics, statistics, mechanics, physics and chemistry with a view to helping them to deepen their understanding of the subjects and to achieve excellent learning outcomes.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Dr MG Peleyeju

Position : MSET Specialist


Kabelo Raselabele

Position : MSET Teaching assistant


Co-Operative education

Co-operative Education facilitates a unique learning experience which delivers a specific type and level of knowledge, understanding and skills development through learning by applying theory in practice. The University movement sees itself as a partner with industry in the development and delivery of high-level human resources, which will contribute to the South African economy through its innovative approach to education.

Co-operative Education is the umbrella term that is used to summarise all activities such as placement of WIL students and Internship. Work Integrated Learning as a pedagogy of learning, consist of four modalities namely, Workplace Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning and Work Directed Theoretical learning. In VUT, Workplace Based Learning is used as a compulsory component in most disciplines offered.

Apart from the placement of WIL and Graduate students, the department is also running activities such as: employability workshops, awareness campaigns, career fair on campus and employer function to acknowledge our industry partners as well as other activities.  The department has also stretched its wings to prepare the students before they go out to industry using the JICA and DHET Employability Improvement Programme as a work-preparedness programme.



To provide Co-operative Education services to the students in order to enhance their employability in the industry and entrepreneurship capabilities.



To promote and extend the academic learning process into the workplace through Co-operative Education for the benefit of employers, students and the University by:

  • Establishing Co-operative Education partnerships with host employers aimed at providing suitable learning opportunities for students.
  • Establishing mechanisms to promote Co-operative education both internally and externally in order to increase visibility and support.
  • Participating in research in the area of Co-operative Work Integrated Education (CWIE) and engaging in community engagement projects.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders both national and international in order to build capacity of Co-operative and Work Integrated Education education

Annie Moletsane

Position : Director: Student Academic Development Support & Work Intergrated Learning


Teaching Quality and Evaluation

The Evaluation Unit conducts evaluation surveys related to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning within VUT.

All students are encouraged to participate in these surveys to maximize the effectiveness of their learning experiences within VUT. The feedback obtained is used to facilitate in enhancing good teaching practices for individual academics, departments and faculties with the purpose of promoting students’ learning as well as students’ success.

Teaching Excellence Awards- Teaching Excellence Awards are conducted annually where Lectures participate to demonstrate excellence in their teaching practice. The process contributes towards the improvement of the quality of teaching practice.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) entails the process of facilitating academics to research their own teaching practices using established & validated criteria of scholarship, in seeking to understand how teaching maximizes learning where practices are shared publicly for scrutiny by other professionals, which ultimately contributes to the improvement of teaching practice

Staff Members & Contacts : 

Dr Anton Pillay

Position : Teaching evaluation facilitator


Bruce Matee

Position : Academic Staff Development and Evaluation


Writing Labs

The writing lab provides free academic writing support to all registered VUT students. It is situated on the first floor in the library. Contact lab at Tel: +27 16 950 6761

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Writing Lab

The VUT Writing Lab promotes the University’s mission of producing a scholarly environment that is conducive to learning and innovation. It also aims to promote independent academic writing skills among students.

What is the Writing Lab?

It is a place where students of all disciplines and writing abilities can discuss their writing with a trained writing consultant. Methods which promote dialogue and inquiry, and approaches such as one-to-one and small group consultation will be used. It will help students become more independent and confident in their own writing.

What is the purpose of the Writing Lab?

The purpose of the Writing Lab is to help students become better writers. Since that is focus, the Writing Lab does not proofread or edit work. We do, however, help students to become better proofreaders and editors of their own work.

How does it work?

Students will have a private and confidential discussion about their writing with a trained writing consultant. Consultants have experience with writing at postgraduate level. They will be giving advice, suggestions and recommendations on writing.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Students can drop by the Writing Lab at the Goldfields Library’s first floor (Room H101-11) or call +27 16 950 7628 to make an appointment with one of our consultants. The Writing Lab operates between 8:00 am and 18:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays; then up till 15:00 on Fridays.

What types of writing do you help with?

We help with the following:


Technical Reports



General writing skills

Bring these to your consultation:

A draft of your writing and assignment question or assignment instructions.

A pencil and an open mind.

Innocentia Shube - Manager

Brochures :


African Languages Development Unit

About us

A strategic Unit of the University that focuses on the development of African languages in different forms within VUT. The Unit also facilitates the implementation of the VUT Language Policy. Although the Unit does not deal directly with students, they are however encouraged to contact the Unit whenever they need assistance that is African languages related.

Language Services

The Unit coordinates and manages translation, language editing and interpreting services at VUT. We develop and produce glossaries for various courses in various disciplines and we also translate documents from English into the identified African languages. Furthermore, we also provide subtitles to video recorded lectures. The three most spoken languages on campus are Sesotho, Sepedi and isiZulu. The university is currently developing Sesotho and Sepedi languages. However, it should be noted that isiZulu and other African languages will be added once resources are available. We build Sepedi and Sesotho terminology databases and authenticate these through our collaboration with other universities and language interest bodies/organisations. This is our attempt to develop these indigenous languages to the level of operation enjoyed by both English and Afrikaans.

Language Policy Implementation Strategy

The Unit is tasked to draft a Language Policy Implementation Strategy and drive the implementation processes across the entire University.  Key to our mandate is assisting the University faculties, divisions and departments in complying with the VUT Language Policy. The specificity of our tasks in this section includes:

Currently, we provide assistance in coordinating language training programmes such as practical language courses, for staff who are none native speakers of Sepedi and Sesotho, for COMMUNICATION PURPOSES ONLY.

We, from time to time, do language awareness campaigns amongst staff, students and the broader VUT community.

We organises language conferences and symposiums for VUT.

We translate communiques from the management to the University Community from English into Sesotho and Sepedi languages.

Editing of documents such as dissertations, theses, presentations, proposals and examination question papers written in Sepedi and Sesotho, and also the translations of the transcripts from English into the said African languages and vice versa.

Staff Members & Contacts :

Jacob Thamaga

Position : Language Practitioner and Acting manager


Thabang Molatou

Position : Language Practitioner

016 960 7736

Millicent Seripe

Position : Languages development administrator


Tebogo Mathebula

Position : Language Practitioner


Aubrey Neo Sehlahla

Position : Language Practitioner


Brochures : 


Staff Members & Contacts :

Antonette Lombard

Position : Director: SLP and Skills Development Development Provision


Peggy Bojabotseha

Position : Administrator: SLP and Skills Development Provision


Unathi Pendu

Position : E-Skills facilitator , assessor and moderator


Nthabeleng Lenn Modise

Position : E-Skills facilitator , assessor and moderator


Xolani Nyathi

Position : E-Skills facilitator , assessor and moderator


Brochures :



Staff Members & Contacts :

Mothusi Samosamo

Position : Learning Development coordinator


Remaketse Makateng

Position : Student faculty advisor (Management Sciences)


Sanele Nxumalo

Position : Student faculty advisor(Engineering)


Lerato Motloung

Position : Student faculty advisor(Human Sciences)


Kwanele Shoba

Position : Student faculty advisor (Applied Sciences)