Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Management – About Us

Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Management – About Us


The purpose of the qualification National Diploma: Engineering: Industrial is to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required for the student’s further learning towards becoming a competent practicing Industrial Engineering Technician. It is intended to subsequently empower candidate Engineering Technicians to demonstrate that they are capable of applying their acquired knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values in the work environments in South Africa and the world at large. It is designed also to add value to the qualifying student in terms of enrichment of the person, status and recognition.

The main objective of this disciple is to constantly improve methods, procedures and practice within an organisation in order to increase productivity and profits. More value is added if inputs like manpower, materials, machinery and money are converted more effectively with sound management principle into products and services.

Such a person is continually engaged in core aspects such as communication, co-operation, quality, planning, scheduling, cycle time, capacity, utilisation, economic analysis, problem solving, materials handling, facility layout, etc.

Industrial Engineering therefore requires persons who like working with people, who enjoy analysing and solving problems, developing solutions, gaining co-operation, motivating people and always seek better, quicker and cheaper ways of doing things.

Career Opportunities

There is a great need for persons who are well trained in Industrial Engineering. Job opportunities abound in all types of manufacturing companies as well as service organisations as advisors, industrial analysts, production personnel, planning personnel and line managers. Experience has shown that people with a qualification in Industrial Engineering and a dynamic personality quickly progress to management level or start their own business.