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Former VUT Enactus President Kekeletso Malule publishes an insightful book

By Qhawekazi Memani 12 October 2021

As we have just stepped into Mental Health Awareness month this October, Kekeletso Malule, Legal Assistance, 3rd year and former VUT Enactus President whose hometown is Botshabelo, in the Free State Province, has published a book titled: ’In the midst of uncertainty’.

The book is a collection of non-fictional events of his life that focuses on his university journey, the role of a support structure, such as family / friends and the importance of never giving up on God and yourself when goals seem to be delayed.

“I have always had a problem with people that are using their past failures to predict and become hopeless about their future,” says Kekeletso.

In his book, Kekeletso encourages people to never give up on themselves; he also opens them to the understanding that at times life may seem to be difficult: “We all go through some hectic situations occasionally. For some of us, we experience these sad moments for quite a longer time than other people. And that’s still okay, because no one is exclusive of melancholy in their lives and all of us will someday experience the light, irrespective of how hard our past has been.”

The most critical nugget people can take from the book:   He encourages young people, to realize the importance of opening about their emotions. “Speak to trusted and reliable people such as family members, professionals, dealing with mental health, friends or translate emotions into words via things like ‘dear diary’ writings.”










As a victim and survivor of depression, in this book, he reveals his vulnerable side and narrates a lot of stories that many young people are not comfortable sharing from past failures in life which can easily lead to circumstances of extreme depression, self-blame and regret. Kekeletso reckons that sharing our stories is the first step to accepting that we are imperfect as human beings; that even if we often go through tough situations, there will always be a breakthrough for us.  This breakthrough only begins when we try to lower the load in us. The load of hurtful, disappointing and traumatizing experiences of our pasts.

Kekeletso added that the book highlights the importance of always bouncing back after a few punches that life throws at us. “Many young people struggle with this. A person encounters a single setback in life and already they are thinking of giving up on themselves. Some worse attempt (others succeed) to commit suicides,” says Kekeletso.

The book will be formally released on the 16th of October 2021 at a pre-launch price of R150.  The normal price is R170. For everyone outside the Vaal triangle, we deliver, using Pep, with a delivery fee of R60.  For now, since Kekeletso is a self-published author, the book is only available through him and everyone who wishes to buy it can contact him on 063 477 9770 (WhatsApp and calls) / 081 718 0107 (calls only). Alternatively, they can send him an inbox on Facebook on the account Samora Malule.