M-Tech student sets off to Germany

M-Tech student sets off to Germany

Back: on the far right; Mukhodeni Masela an M-Tech student in Cost and Management Accounting 

Qhawekazi Memani

Mukhodeni Masela, an M-Tech Cost and Management Accounting student, was selected to take part in a 3-month student exchange scholarship programme between Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and Duale Hoschshule Baden-Wurttemburg (DHBW Ravensburg) in Germany.  Mr Masela was selected after a series of interviews conducted by the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) International Relations Office.

“My three months’ stay in Germany was great, everything was just amazing – their education system is more advanced than ours and their transport is reliable. What a lovely experience it was; to be lectured by different professors from all over the world! The trip not only gave me an opportunity to study and experience being a student abroad, but it also gave me an opportunity to travel and see 15 countries I never thought I would see. Out of those countries, seeing Zurich for me was a highlight, mainly because it’s where accounting laws are passed and is in a country with offshore(private) banks,” he said.

Working under the dissertation title: “Application of management accounting in the taxi industry in Emfuleni Municipality”, Mr Masela plans on developing an app that will assist taxi owners to have full control and knowledge of everything going on inside their taxi, including the number of people in it.

He said that he passed all his subjects exceptionally well in the three months he was in Germany.

VUT and the International Relations Office wishes the young man well in all his endeavours and commend him for being an exceptional brand ambassador.

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