“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid…” the quote by Lupita Nyong’o; Kenyan actress and film director and Yale master’s degree graduate, best describes Mahadi Lesaoana’s life story.

Our Services

  • Prevention of new HIV, STI and TB infections through awareness campaigns, training, workshops and orientation programmes.
  • Addressing behavioural factors that drive HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB i.e., Alcohol and drug abuse, gender violence, multiple sex partners, etc.
  • Sustaining of health and wellness by promoting a ‘treatment, care and support’ approach.
  • Protection of human rights through improved access to justice, to create  a human rights-based environment.
  • Development and sustainability of peer education programmes among VUT staff and students.
  • Promotion and the development of HIV & AIDS-related curricula and research in all VUT faculties.
  • Fostering partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensuring alignment with the Higher Education AIDS (HEAIDS) Programme at VUT.