PBICT celebrates June 16


PBICT celebrates June 16

Vincent Nkaota

Youth Day 2017 marks yet another year of remembering the youth who lost their lives in the Soweto Uprising on 16 June 1976. The Progressive Blacks in Information and Communication Technology (PBICT) decided to commemorate the day by describing their struggle which they define as that of the “digital divide, access and ownership”. The event was held at the Gw206 building on 16 June.

The members of the National Executive Committee were there to explain all about the PBICT and the “4th industrial revolution”.

Simply put, the 4th industrial revolution is about black people having access to and ownership of all facets of enterprise especially the information, technology and communication spectrum which is monopolised by big companies, such as Vodacom.

The presentation mainly focused on the what, why and how. The PBICT wants to see blacks progressing and promoting the development and manufacturing of locally innovated technologies. They also want access and ownership in the ICT sector.

How are they going to achieve this? The PBICT will establish student desks so that opportunities for empowerment and entrepreneurship can go through a central point. The PBICT will support ideas and protect them by availing their lawyers if needed.

PBICT says it is time to reject the status quo and that the struggle is still on, even if it has evolved from that of 1976.

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