Postgraduate Forum: Networking Session

Postgraduate Forum: Networking Session

Addressing the post-graduate students, Professor Gordon Zide: Vice-Chancellor and Principal of VUT

Dieketseng Motsepe

Challenges facing postgraduates are major issues which need to be addressed timeously. On 13 July, Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the Postgraduate committee, organised a networking session for postgraduate students to voice their concerns and grievances.

Guest speaker Professor Gordon Zide, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), highlighted the importance of postgraduate students saying they are the engine behind any institution. He expressed the impact a postgraduate can have within a society as their work can benefit not only themselves but those around them and their institution. “The purpose of life is to help others, so it is not always about the individual but about other people for whom one can make a difference and the impact you may leave on them,” he said.

The executive committee was also in attendance as their purpose is to address the concerns of postgraduate students. A suggestion of a networking session between different students from different institutions was brought forward as it would be beneficial to hear outside suggestions on how VUT can improve.

Guests present at the Post-graduate forum

Mrs Rebecca Seabela, the Regional Manager of Professional Provident Society (PPS) which is an authorised financial service provider run by professionals for professionals, also addressed the forum. She informed postgraduates about the benefits of one being a member of PPS. PPS works closely with institutions, in some instances assisting with financial aid for postgraduates.

The challenges facing postgraduates will not be dealt with within one networking session but this was a start to ensure that the issues are acknowledged and solutions are found.

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