VUT CAD Department honours its mentors and tutors

VUT CAD Department honours its mentors and tutors

CAD mentors and tutors award ceremony

Qhawekazi Memani

In ensuring that the first-years and the rest of the students are supported and assisted in their various fields of study, the Centre for Academic and Development (CAD) hires mentors and tutors.

On 17 October the CAD hosted a special ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its mentors and tutors. They received certificates acknowledging and showing appreciation for their dedication and commitment to ensuring that the students become the best they can be.

“The year started out not so good. We left everything in the hands of God. The ship did not sink; it has been a fruitful year,” said Linda Mandewo, who is the Learning Development Facilitator for Academic Development. She thanked the mentors and tutors for their dedication and efforts and boasted that there are 12 mentors who achieved distinction passes (PD’s).

She also mentioned that they have interviewed and selected mentors and tutors for 2018 whom they are confident will perform very well.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” is a Martin Luther King quote that was shared by motivational speaker Charmaine; a Civil Engineering student who did not let her circumstances prevent her from pursuing her dream. She shared with the audience that falling sick, being in and out of the hospital and failing her modules did not stop her determination.

“Yes, you can become whatever you want, motivate yourself. Education should have the ability to transform lives.  Don’t watch the clock; do what it does,’’ she said.

“No man can sit alone and plan for prosperity,” said Sifiso Vilakazi; junior mentor.

It is through teamwork that the mentors have grown confident and acquired even more skills in the programme.

Hazel urged the mentors and tutors to be critical thinkers and focus on what is to be achieved. She also reflected on the year 2017 and thanked them for being honest, good stewards. She highlighted that it’s all about discipline, commitment and passion: “There is greatness hidden in all of us. As one finds it, that’s where the passion will come from. A better person is not built by marks but by determination, dedication and understanding of the students,” she said.

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