Alumni Association

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students (alumni).

Alumni of universities often form groups called Alumni Chapters with alumni from the same organisation. These associations, among other functions, often organise social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organisation through the Alumni Relations office.

Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. The Association also support networking sessions and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar academic, social, religious, cultural and sports backgrounds.

Alumni associations are mainly organised around universities or faculties of universities, but may also be organised among students who studied or graduated in the same year or resided together in one hostel. Alumni associations involve graduates of all age groups, race and in specific formations organised into chapters by city, region, province or country.

Corporate alumni

Alumni associations can also include associations of former employees of an institution. These associations are growing in popularity and becoming an important part of a personal business network.