Ambio Lab


Established in 2007 as a consulting and testing laboratory, specializing in microbiology, analytical chemistry and toxicology analyses.

AMBIO is now a fully accredited SANAS testing laboratory (T0628) that provides services in potable water supply, sewage treatment, industrial effluents and bore-hole water.

The laboratory can also test food products for the rapid detection of pathogens before it causes outbreaks.

The highly competent team and rapid turn-around times gives AMBIO the leading edge over competitors

  1. Microbial and chemical analysis of tap water, bottled waters, borehole water, river water, industrial and sewage effluents.
  2. Food pathogen detection-Listeria, Salmonella and Escherichia coli.
  3. Acid mine drainage.
  4. Determination of fats, oils and greases in water and food samples.
  5. Environmental impact assessments.
  6. Environmental remediation and rehabilitation.

AMBIO Environmental Management (Pty) Ltd laboratory is a highly specialized laboratory which provides chemical, microbiological and analytical support to the following:

  • Water & wastewater industries
  • Local municipalities
  • Personal and investigative testing
  • Food and Beverage Industries


Mr. Prenaven Reddy (Manager)
Ms. Lindiwe Mayila (Senior Technician)
Ms Phindile Radebe (Senior Technician)
Ms. Nnana Molefe (Technical Manager)
Mr. Michael Matshidiso (Senior Technician)

Applied and Computer Sciences