Bodutu Art Gallery


The Bodutu Gallery is the official gallery for the Department of Visual Arts and Design at The Vaal University of Technology. We see this gallery as a FUNCTION, not a SPACE, where it aims to be a portal to a variety of activities that promote the bringing together of creative works and the public.

The objectives of the gallery are

  • to create opportunities for both staff and students alike to showcase their creative endeavours at minimal cost in hopes of promoting the gallery as a space of function whereby the VUT and the larger community as a whole can engage in the discussions and exhibitions.
  • to expose students on campus to other artists and art in hopes of establishing a multimodal understanding of culture and art to raise the ever-changing cultural climate on campus by providing a continues cultural injection.


To submit an exhibition/project proposal or for any other enquiries, contact Ms Nkululekho Khumalo (nkululeko@vut.ac.za) or Mr N. Kotze (Johannesk@vut.ac.za) via email.

Past Exhibitions:

Upcoming Exhibitions:

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