Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)

Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)

The Certificate of Competency as a Mechanical and / or Electrical Engineering Technician is issued by the Department of Labour (Factories) or the Department of Minerals and Energy Affairs (Mines) to a person with the necessary academic diploma / degree and practical experience and who has passed a qualifying examination. A person with such a certificate must take responsibility for the operation of a factory or mine where the consumption of electricity exceeds a certain limit.

This University is one of a few tertiary institutions accredited to offer Diplomas complying with the requirements for admission to the GCC examination. This is not a GCC qualification, only a subject package complying with the entry requirements to the GCC examination.

The following subjects are compulsory for admittance to the Government Certificate of Competency examination:

Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)

  • Computer & Programming Skills I
  • Mathematics I
  • Mathematics II
  • Industrial Electronics II
  • Power Electronics III
  • Electronics I
  • Electronics II
  • Mechanics I
  • Mechanical Engineering Drawing I
  • Mechanical Technology I
  • Mechanical Technology II
  • Mechanical Technology III
  • Design Project III
  • Electrical Distribution 3

Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)

  • Electrical Engineering I
  • Electrical Engineering II
  • Electrical Engineering III
  • Electrical Machines II
  • Electrical Machines III
  • Electrical Protection III
  • Digital Systems I
  • Applied Communication Skills 1.1
  • Applied Communication Skills 1.2
  • Applied Communication Skills 2.1
  • Applied Communication Skills 2.2
  • EDL
  • Strength of Materials II
  • Strength of Materials III

Government Certificate of Competency Contract Information:

Written application for admission to the examination for the Certificate of Competency can be addressed to:

Factories : Department of Manpower

Chief Directorate: Occupational Safety

Private Bag X117

Pretoria, 0001

Mines & Industries : Department of Minerals & Energy Affairs

Private Bag X59

Pretoria, 0001

The written application must also include a letter stating that all the prescribed theoretical requirements have been met. This letter is obtainable from the Department of Power Engineering.

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