Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

Word of Welcome

The Department of Chemical Engineering welcomes you to the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the Vaal University of Technology. This is one of the leading chemical engineering departments in South Africa producing readily employable graduates. The undergradute programmes in the department of chemical engineering are New Diploma and Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech). Both programs are accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), which is a statutory body established in terms of the Engineering Profession Act (EPA), 46 of 2000. ECSA is a signatory to international accords including the Washington Accord, the Sydney Accord and the Dublin Accord. All postgraduates programmes (M.Tech, M.Eng and Ph.D) are by research.

The department has two campuses situated in Vanderbijlpark and Secunda. The programmes at Vanderbijlpark campus are for full time students and ones at Secunda campus are for both part-time and full-time students. The department strives towards integration of existing knowledge with new knowledge and to afford the learner the ability to:

  • Think logically, sytematically and visualise concepts;
  • Develop entrenpreneural skills
  • Apply chemical engineering principles in efforts to solve community based, national and global problems.
  • Make a positive contribution to the field of chemical engineering once you have completed your studies.
  • Work at the forefront of innovative technology and engineering science research

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering is the science and technology concerning process design and the manufacturing of products economically from raw materials in a sustainable, environmentally benign and safe way. The foundamental laws upon which chemical engineering is anchored are laws of conservation of mass, momentum and energy. The two key subjects required to do chemical engineering in this department are Mathematics and Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics) in addition to other relevant subjects.


To be a leading chemical engineering department of choice, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are designed to promote innovative thinking to address real-life and emerging challenges.


  • To prepare students for life-long learning as they apply chemical engineering principles to solve basic and complex environmental, industrial and fundamental problems.
  • To develop and implement programmes that equip students with skills and competencies required to promote sustainable growth through developmenet of processes, products and technologies that improve quality of life in Africa.

Programmes offered

The following programmes are currently offered in the department:

  1. New Diploma (From January 2017)
  2. Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech)
  3. Masters of Technology (M.Tech) and Mastersof Engineering (MEng)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


All postgraduate programmes are by research only. The research focus areas include nanotechnology, water & wastewater management, simulation and modelling, renewable energy, coal processing, green technology and hydrometallury. Some of the research focus areas are linked to projects in the Centre for Renewable Energy and Water (CREW).

For further information please contact us: Ms Retha Visagie ( rethav@vut.ac.za), tel +2716 9509243