Medical Aid Cover

Medical Aid Cover

In terms of the Immigration Act (Act No. 19 of 2004) any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa must provide proof of a Medical Scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act (Act No. 131 of 1998). All international students are required to obtain Medical Scheme cover for each full academic year in order to qualify to register. It is thus advisable that International Students make necessary financial arrangements for the medical aid cover prior to entry into South Africa. Should you rely on sponsorship, you should ensure that your sponsor is advised of this requirement at the onset of the sponsorship or the admission offer from VUT.

Vaal university recommends that students carefully consider two proposed medical cover products below.  A summary of the cost and benefits of the products and further information is attached in the links.

CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme | NetworX:

Momentum Health Medical Scheme | Ingwe: