Performance Management

Automated Performance Management Project

Performance Management system implementation.

During the coming months the University will be rolling out an online performance management tool that will move the current performance management process from paper based to an online integrated system called HR Manage. The HR Manage Performance Management System is an extensive Web and Windows based system for setting up and managing employee’s performance. Users will be able to log onto the system and see the current “status” of their performance / competence reviews and submit comments. Managers will have the ability to log on and capture the performance ratings for individual team members and results can be printed in various reports showing the real-time status of a companywide Performance Review. We will be supported by implementation partners HR Network over the next few months while we build internal capacity to support the system. Key stakeholders have been engaged in this process and we value their contribution to the success of the project.

Why is it being implemented?

The project supports the overall strategy of the VUT and is a mechanism for performance monitoring and evaluation. The Framework for Managing Programme Performance Information provides the best justification for this practice: “The most valuable reason for measuring performance is that what gets measured, gets done. If an institution knows that its performance is being monitored, it is more likely to perform the required tasks – and to perform them well. In addition, the availability of performance information allows managers to pursue results-based management approaches, such as performance contracts, risk management, benchmarking and market testing.” In the case of VUT, there is now a need to monitor institutional and people’s performance, including strategic risks identified in the VUT Risk Register. The online system allows for simplistic, easy to use workflows of the performance contracting and review process that will eventually replace the paper based process.

What does this mean for the VUT?

The performance management system allows for the VUT to have the capability to generate and manage performance information. Such a capability shall cater for both organisational and people’s performance and risk management on the same portal which allows for full integration of all performance related activities. It also will assist with planning of People Development and Talent Management.

What does this mean for me? – how am I personally impacted and how does my role change?

The system allows for employees and their managers to set up or change their performance profiles online, which allows for seamless integration and sharing of performance related information. Employees at VUT will be trained to use the system and will migrate from paper based performance contracts and reviews to an online, web based platform. The workflows, checkpoints and tracking provided by the system ensures that a standard, consistent approach is applied in the performance management process.

When is this occurring?

The project kicked off the beginning of March and we anticipate that it will be in full use for the next round of performance discussions. The new system will become operational on 1 July 2016

Do we have to use the system?

The system will eventually replace the manual performance process for staff who have access to computer equipment.

How will the changes be managed and by whom?

The changes will be managed by the VUT Management team and Human Resources division, who will provide you with regular updates on the progress of the project.

What can I expect next?

You will be invited to participate in HR Manage performance system training workshops. These dates will be confirmed with staff in the coming weeks.