About Us

What do we do?

The development and implementation of a procurement system based on a centralised Procurement policy and procedure that allows all possible suppliers, to conduct business in an ethical manner with Vaal University of Technology, based on a free, fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective model.

The Supply Chain function at Vaal University is controlled and managed by a centralised Supply Chain department with an electronic integrated computerised system.

The procurement policy and system requires that all procurement requests are forwarded to the centralised Supply Chain department where they are coordinated, approved and finalised.

An official university order issued, Purchase order (PO) or formally signed agreement is the only way that the university can be committed to a purchase, service or rental agreement.

The procurement process is specification driven and subject to procuring limits as identified in the procurement policy and procedure that determines the procedure to be followed to obtain and implement quotations and tenders.

Supply Chain encourages savings and cost reduction behaviour to optimise the procuring power of the University.