Protection Service

Operations  Management

  • We protect human lives, property and buildings by providing efficient tactical response services, preventing crime, investigating cases, protecting very important persons, and supporting ambulance and firefighting services.
  • Our Command Centre ensures the effective management of all operations  24hrs a day  including public holidays and weekends.
  • The Command Centre is an integrated response team   with access to information to address situations on the campus. The Command Centre is a one stop service for the VUT and the hub where all electronic security systems  are integrated and monitored.
  • Crime prevention is a key duty of Liaison  Officers  who are responsible to alert students about crime.  First year students are orientated by security sessions which are held  to sensitize students and staff about how to protect themselves against criminal elements.  Liaison  Officers work in close conjunction with all the relevant role players, such as the SAPS, security service provider and the community  to ensure that the safety of students and staff  are proactively managed.
  • The Command Centre also is a quick response team to address all types of emergencies on campus and must be contacted first for any type of complaint.