The Vice-Chancellor and Principal (Chairperson).

Senate Membership

1. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal (Chairperson).

2. The Deputy Vice-Chancellors (DVC: Academic and Research – Deputy Chairperson).

3. The Executive Deans of the Faculty.

4. The Heads of Academic Departments.

5. All members of staff with the title of professor as defined under section 1(definition).

6. The Executive Directors of the following departments:-

a) Academic Development.

b) Library and Information Services.

c) Research.

d) Student Support Services.

e) Technology Transfer and innovation.

f) The Director for cooperative Education.

g) Heads of Site of Delivery.

h) Two members of Council who are neither employed by the University nor registered students of the University.

i) One non-academic employee of the University.

j) Three students nominated by the SRC, of whom at least one is a postgraduate student.

k) One members of the Convocation of the University elected by the Convocation who is neither a staff member nor a student of the University.