All prospective students are to ensure that VUT offers the programme they are interested in and meet the minimum entry requirements for admission. All applicants will be selected on merit by the faculty concerned and such selection may include selection and / or placement tests.

Applications for undergraduate courses close at the end of September each year.

Kindly note that the Assistant Registras are available to respond to enquiries related to student Admissions, Registrations and Examinations during the lockdown period. Staff and students are encourged to send related enquiries as indicated below.

Name & Surname             Faculty                                                            Email

Ms Maria Dlamini               Management Sciences                                  marian@vut.ac.za

Ms Malejone Moqhoba      International & WIL                                        malejone@vut.ac.za

Mr Thabo Difero                 Engineering & Technology                             thabo@vut.ac.za

Mr Lesley Raborifi             Applied & Computer Sciences                       raborifi@vut.ac.za

Mr Modise Motaung           Human Sciences                                            modise@vut.ac.za


Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department