About Convocation

Convocation is known as the convocation of the Vaal University of Technology, hereafter referred to as the Convocation.

The Convocation is recognized by the Council as a structure of the University in terms of Chapter 9 of the Vaal University of Technology Statute.


The word “convocation” typically states something about a group of people together for a large formal assembly.

  • Graduates and all holders of diplomas and certificates of the Vaal University of Technology
  • The Vice- Chancellor and the Principal
  • Full-time Academic staff of the University
  • Former full-time Academic staff of the University

The Vision and Mission

The convocation recognizing the important role it has to play in the life of the Institution commits itself to promoting the interests of the Vaal University of Technology in pursuit of those principles and objectives outlined in this constitution.

The convocation supports and enhances the University’s vision and mission through maintaining and expanding positive relationships with its members and through utilizing and maximizing their expertise, goodwill and influence in support of the University.

Our Main Objective

To raise funds, to administer and select recipients for bursaries, special focus will be placed on needy students who have a passion to further their studies but due to funding are unable to do so.